A History of Mt. Moriah Lutheran Church - China Grove, NC

In the 1820s, there arose a theological dispute in the North Carolina Synod.  As a result, a group of people left Lutheran Chapel in 1824 to form a new congregation and Synod.  By 1840 they had  completed a hewn log building for worship.

As Mt. Moriah grew, another wooden building was constructed in 1880, close to our current building.  In 1917, that building was renovated and expanded to include a bell tower.

Then, in 1924, we rejoined the North Carolina Synod.  In 1928, the members decided to erect a modern brick and steel structure that was finished and dedicated in 1929.

In 1958, we built and dedicated an addition with a chapel, classrooms, and office space and remodeled the area under the Nave.

In the early 1960s, a spacious new parsonage was completed and occupied next door.

The Chancel was remodeled, and a pipe organ was added to enhance worship.

The building out back where the scouts and youth met burned in the early 2000s.  It was rebuilt and now serves as the Youth and Family Center for smaller gatherings.  You may also hear folks refer to it as the "Building Out Back" or "B.O.B."

In the last 15-20 years, enhancements to the Church campus have included a playground for young children to enjoy.  A nature trail is also on the property.

In 2010, brick columns were added by the members to conjoin a metal roof walkway.

In memory of Jonathan Efird, a picnic shelter, known as Efirds Shelter, was added in the last ten years.

The building that stands today sits on a beautiful landscape in which much craftsmanship can be seen throughout the church, not only on the inside but also outside.  We give thanks to those who helped found our congregation,  as well as those who have supported it through generations.