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Notes from the Organ Bench

May-June 2017


Posted under: 2017

May and June brings many new things with it. May brings new flowers and growth. June brings a new summer with all the
opportunities that holds. But sometimes I like to hold to the old things. With Mother’s Day coming in May and Father’s Day coming
in June, I like to hold to the memories, the old memories. If your parents are still living, I hope you spend as much time with them as
you possibly can because there will come a time when you would give almost anything for just one more minute with them. Another
old thing I like to do is polish my shoes. That seems to be a dying art. With suede and canvas and tennis shoes and crocs taking over,
there is not much need for shoe polishing anymore. Well, I still have a few pairs of good old fashioned leather shoes that need
polishing from time to time. As I was sitting on the deck, polishing away, savoring the smell of shoe polish, watching the polish
transform the scuffed shoes, I couldn’t help but think of my dad. Shoe polishing was pretty high on his list of priorities, and he passed
that on to me. I guess most people that were in the military were taught that shoe polishing was of the utmost importance. But usually
on Saturdays, my Dad and I would get out the shoeshine box, (which I still have) and we would shine all our shoes that needed
shining. He would show me how to get the brush in between the sole and the leather so as to make it look the best. Of course he would
always pay particular attention to the toe, because it got scuffed easily and you always wanted the toes to look the best. But one thing
I’ll never forget is, he always told me to make sure you polish the heel as well as the toe. I always thought this was rather foolish
because no one saw the heel. Or at least I thought. He would say, a man should always make as good of an impression going OUT of
the room, as he does coming in. And so to this day, I always make sure the heels look as good as the toes. Our heavenly Father treats
us much the same we go through life, we get scuffed up, scratched, kinda dull and a little worn around the “soul”. But then
Jesus comes in with His polish and brushes. If we just let Him, He will polish and brush and renew us. No matter how scuffed or
scraped, or even muddy and dirty. Jesus can make us shine like a new pair of loafers. All we have to do is let Him in our hearts. Read
His word, and listen to what He says. Jesus will polish you toe to heel if you just let him. Remember, Jesus doesn’t take a vacation
and neither does the church. While you are on vacation and having a good time this summer, remember the work of the church goes
on. Please keep Jesus in your heart and the church on your mind this summer.
Thanks and praise to all the choir members. We are going into our summer mode. Hopefully they will all be refreshed and
recharged when the time comes to start again. Please show your appreciation to a choir member. A simple thank you really goes a
long way. They are a truly dedicated group and do a fantastic job bringing us the Word through music. I hope everyone has a
wonderful summer. Be safe, be happy, and keep your heels shiny!