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Notes from the Organ Bench



Whew, it's been hot. If I had ten dollars for every time someone asked me if it was hot enough for me, I could take a vacation to somewhere cooler! But after all, it is summer. At least here it is. On the other side of the world, in Australia, it's the middle of winter. Now wouldn't that be strange? It's still July, but it's cold there. Anyway, even though it's hot, we can still enjoy all that summer has to offer. Cookouts and days in the pool, outdoor concerts and lightning bugs. We are truly blessed with good things, so we can put up with a little heat. 

But what about other places around the world and in our own country. Places that are suffering from famine and drought and extreme poverty, to oil spills and devastation here in our own country. We read in the Bible that God wants us to live a happy and prosperous life. God doesn't want us to suffer, but invariably we will at times. The people on the Gulf coast are surely suffering, as well as all the animals and sea life. Many people around the world suffer from poverty or war or both. Why does God let these things happen? Why doesn't he end the poverty and hunger, wars and oil spills? We as humans cannot understand why God lets these things happen. We can only pray, and ask God, in His infinite wisdom, to take care of all those who are suffering. I once saw an interview with Mother Teresa. She devoted her life to helping the poor. She spent her entire life nursing others that were suffering. The interviewer asked her what was the first thing she would say to God when she got to Heaven. Without a moments hesitation she said, "I would tell Him, YOU have got a lot of explaining to do!" And I am sure she did. But even as Mother Teresa had no idea why these things happened, neither do we. It's all part of God's greater plan. Unfortunately for us, God will be the one saying, "You've got a lot of explaining to do". The Gospel last Sunday had one line that really stuck with me. Once you put your hand to the plow, never look back. To me that says, once I have taken hold of Jesus hand, I can't look back. There's no need to look back. No matter how bad things get, for me, or for anyone else for that matter, we can never look back. Keep your hand to the plow. Look straight ahead. If we don't...... we might have a lot of explaining to do.