For our Fourth of July Sunday, the choir sang the song "Pray for America". It is one of our favorites and very fitting. Now more than any time in recent history we really need to pray for our country. With all the disagreement and strife going on, threats of war not to mention the ongoing wars we are already in, we need some divine intervention. 

America is still the greatest country in the world even with all our problems. If it weren't, then why are so many people trying to get in. I have no problem with immgrants if they go about the process the right way and do it legally. All of my grandparents on my father's side were immigrants. It was my honor to know them before they passed away. My great-grandfather emigrated from Russia as a young man. He came to Ellis Island with nothing more than a knapsack full of clothes and a few dollars. He could speak no English. Once he got here, his name was changed to a more "American" version, and he was pretty much left to survive on his own. Which he did. He found work. Learned the language and became an American citizen all proper and legal. I don't know much of their history but my great-grand mother's family emigrated from Poland and had much of the same story. Even then, immigrants were not always welcomed with open arms. They had strict rules to abide by and the laws were strictly enforced concerning becoming a citizen. They stuck it out and some of them because very prosperous and wealthy. Today, the immigration process is quite different. But you know that story and I won't get into all that.

Jesus said, "Love your neighbor" and we should. We should welcome all our neighbors with open arms. However, I don't think we should leave our doors open and let our neighbors walk in and take everything we have. If your neighbor came to yoru door and asked nicely for something, and promised to work to pay it back and did everything the right way, I'm sure you would gladly try to help them. This is the way I look at immigration. As a Christian I try to love my neighbor, which includes everyone, not just the people that live next to me. But many of them make it hard for me to love them, and so it is with the countries that always want to pick a fight with us. It's hard to love them. But Jesus said to do it.

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