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Notes from the Organ Bench

March 2019

A Glass Half Full or Half Empty

With all the rain we have been having, I couldn't help think about the old adage, is the glass half full or half empty. Well, I can tell you for sure my rain gauge is half full, and more at times. Are you a glass half full or half empty type person?

I know plenty of both. They say an optimist sees the glass as half full, meaning that they have a positive outlook about most everything. They see the opportunity in all situations, whereas; the pessimist sees the glass as half empty. Many times they look at the negative side of any situation. I have been called both.

I like to think I'm a realist rather than a pessimist or an optimist. I try to think things through without jumping to either conclusion, good or bad. Sometimes, I get criticized for this. Sometimes, I miss opportunities; but I always like to err on the side of caution, especially as I get older. For instance, the half full type person wakes up and sees a bright sunny day, just perfect for getting on the roof and cleaning out the gutters. The half empty person sees the beautiful day but thinks the gutters can wait. While the realist (me), sees the beautiful day and knows the gutters need to be cleaned but realizes he it too old and fat to get on the roof so he figures out an alternate way to clean the gutters safely from the ground. So which one is right???

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