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Notes from the Organ Bench

February 2018


2018.  Just let that sink in for a moment.  I can remember not so many years ago when the year 2000 seemed far away and  way in the future.   As a child, the year 2000 seemed to be so far in the future that I would never see it. And here we are almost 20 years into a new century.  The 1900’s seem to be in the distant past now. Many of our children and grandchildren were born in the 2000s. I read something recently that said as of this year, 2018, there are no longer any “children” that were born in the 1900s. This of course is based on the fact that one is considered an adult at the age of 18. Therefore, anyone born in the 2000s is officially an adult this year. All this of course makes one think. Where will the world be in another 18 or 20 years?  Will things be better?  Will things get worse? We just don’t know. Many say the world is a better place now than it was years ago.  Some things are better, maybe.  But to me, the world in general is no better off, and actually may be worse than in years past. One thing that hasn’t changed, and never will, is the fact that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord and He will return one day to gather all of us who believe into Heaven to be with Him forever.  We don’t know when this will take place. Many think it will be soon. Many thought it would have already happened. Jesus didn’t tell us “when” He was coming back. He just said “be ready”.  Are you ready?  If you have any doubt, I suggest you read your Bible daily, especially the New Testament. As a matter of fact, I challenge all of you to

read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as part of your Lenten discipline. There are four weeks in Lent plus Holy Week, so that gives you at least a week to read each one. If you still feel doubt in your heart, come to the Lenten and Holy Week services. Of course many will come for Easter, but the true meaning of Easter is not realized unless you have taken the Lenten journey. I never get tired of hearing the story. It reminds me just how much Jesus loved all of us. To go through what He did, even though He could have chosen not to. He did it anyway. Believe this if you believe nothing else. If it weren’t for Jesus, God would have already destroyed this vile and worthless world and all the people in it. But He didn’t, and we can all thank Jesus for that.  Lent will be starting soon, with Ash Wednesday on Feb.14th.  Quite appropriate if you ask me, that the time when Jesus showed His utmost love for us begins on the day we call the “love day”.  Come join us this year for Ash Wednesday, Lenten services and meals and Holy week. I guarantee you, Easter will have that much more meaning for you.  Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ WILL come again. Ten words you can take to the bank.


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